Sherkan SE5 - new MW2 client!

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Sherkan SE5 - new MW2 client!

Postby koffey » Thu Jul 21, 2016 10:10 pm

My nickname is .koffey. I'm a developer and administator of Sherkan Project (Sherkan SE5 and Sherkan B2)
We are working on the new unique Modern Warfare 2 client
Also, we are going to make a complete overhaul of the game to make this client unique by adding new maps, maps remakes, killstreaks, UI, HUD, gamemodes, weapons, attachments, camos, and more!
[Reveal] Spoiler: FAQ and more interesting info!
Q. Are there any players or servers?
A. Of course! Also, you can find here highly-modified servers with custom gametypes, such as Nazi Zombies, iSnipe, Cranked, Kill Confirmed, and others. Just to be clear, unfortunately, there is a pretty weak playerbase at this moment, but we're going to invite a lot of players after the upcoming update release. Most of servers are located in France and Eastern Europe, so if you live in Europe or Asia, then you'll get nice ping. Otherwise, ping of US players is about ~150 ms. We are going to host some US servers soon, stay tuned! :!:

Q. Are there any new custom weapons, maps, features?
A. It is a new standalone Modern Warfare 2 client which includes a lot of remade and rebalanced weapons from some new games. Also, there are some our own made weapons and some new maps, such as Refine, Storm Vacant, Night Wasteland, Wet Work, Crossfire, Bloc, Tropicals and others. More new maps are coming soon! Also, there is a CoDPoints system; CoDPoints act as currency that is used to buy new primary or secondary weapons. We are going to make a complete overhaul of the game to make this client unique by adding new maps, maps remakes, killstreaks, UI, HUD, gamemodes, weapons, attachments, camos, and more. There are a lot of features that are in development stage, follow us on
and Facebook: for more info! :)

Q. Is there an anticheat?
A. Sherkan Anti-Cheat, abbreviated as SAC, is an anti-cheat software for Sherkan SE5 (and for Sherkan SB2 in future). When the software detects a cheat on a player's system, it will ban them in the future, possibly hours or 1-2 days after the original detection. It may kick players from the game if it detects errors in their system's memory or hardware. No information such as date of detection or type of cheat detected is disclosed to the player. You can't disable SAC on your server or private match.

Q. Is there any clan/community registration systems?
A. We are going to implement clans system in one of the upcoming updates where you'll be able to register your clan or community as official and to manage it in control panel.
Also, we will add 'Supporter' status soon, it means that if you invited 3+ players OR if you're an active user and custom content creator OR you're unforced donator, then you'll get special in-game badges, playercard titles, unique camos, option to play as a female character, and a unique forum status!
Also, you with your clan or community members will be able to unlock secret weapons which are the prizes for the upcoming Sherkan tournaments! 8-)

[Reveal] Spoiler: Screenshots

So, how to play here?
First of all, join our Discord chat:
You can find here a #client-download sub-channel with links you need ;)

and.. forum:
There are some international sections with mods, tutorials, FAQ, etc
You will have to register here to play!

So what are you waiting for? I hope you'll like it and become a part of our community! ;) (dont forget to join our discord, rly)

(don't forget that the latest public version of the game may not contain some stuff which is in development)
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