Map Voting Menu Mod - Download [IW4x]

A map voting mod for iw4x servers. Allow players to vote on the next map using there mouse cursor and vote menu.

Map Voting Menu Mod - Download [IW4x]

Postby |UzD|GaZa » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:51 pm


Hi, Thanks for viewing my map voting mod for Modern Warfare 2: IW4x. This mod will allow players to vote for the next map at the end of the current match. They can select the map in which they wish to play by using there mouse cursor on the vote menu. The map with the highest number of votes will stay lit in yellow to let the player know which is winning, and the currently selected map will stay lit in green.

-Thanks to banz for his voting gsc 1.0
-IW4x for the awesome client and zonebuilder!

Release Notes:
First Release (30/05/2014):
-Added vote menu file
-Added menu support for banz voting gsc
Update 0.5.0 (29/06/2017)
-Added support for iw4x 0.5.0
-Added support for voting on custom maps
-Added failsafe for 'sv_votemaps'
Update 0.5.3 (04/07/2017)
-Added support for iw4x 0.5.3
-Votes no longer run on a loop, now when users call
-Mod is now standalone so works with all mods
Update 0.5.4 (09/07/2017)
-Added support for iw4x 0.5.4
-Added game type vote support
Update 0.5.4-r2 (20/07/2017)
-Cleaned the UI a little,
removed some jaggy edges from map previews etc.
Also bigger selected vote border
-Better support for 4:3 resolutions

Please note version number will correspond with the latest IW4x build due to needing recompiled after every update. So make sure to update this mod as well when updating IW4x!

This mod is easily configurable in -/scripts/vote.gsc with the following options:

    Standalone- Default: True, will need changed if a mod uses a different _gamelogic.gsc, see vote.gsc for more info.
    Maps- The list of maps which is available for players to vote on.
    Gametypes- Default: Disabled, the list of game types which is available for players to vote on.
    Vote Time- The time in seconds in which the players will be able to vote.
    Winner Time- The time in seconds in which the winning map / gametype is shown.


Update 0.5.4- added gametype voting preview:

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